What is Currency Connect?

Currency Connect is an initiative of leading social media companies to promote site registrations and drive daily active users by linking their virtual economies.

How it works

Much like a currency exchange in the real world, Currency Connect allows you to transfer virtual currency between partner sites. Participating sites promote registration between partners. Once a user registers on the partner site, they are allowed to convert some amount of their existing currency in the partner currency. This allows users to spend currency earned on one site on activities on another site. The result is an increase in your site traffic and the value of your currency.

Process Illustration

Currency Connect provides a secure, auditable way of allowing cross-site virtual currency exchanges. It is a simple set of REST-based APIs, which will allow a partner site to get started with only a little effort.

Getting Started?

To get started, request an API key.

To learn more about Currency Connect, you can view the FAQs, read our whitepaper or download a Presentation.

Getting Started